All in a day’s work

This week’s surprise episode of Chosen Season 2, episode 3, hit me hard. I didn’t know it yet when I first saw the episode yesterday, but today I understood why that scene towards the end resonated with me deeply. SPOILER ALERT! If you follow the series, do not proceed. The story being portrayed in this…… Continue reading All in a day’s work

At peace with my helplessness

If you are like me, you’ve probably come to several realizations about life or about yourself during this pandemic. Let me share to you two realizations (or reminders) that I’ve had during this time: I am not in control. It is weirdly and wonderfully liberating to be reminded of this. But to tell you honestly,…… Continue reading At peace with my helplessness


2020 has been such a mind-boggling year, and we’re only still in March. So many things have already rocked us. For me personally, Kobe’s death on January 26 was a big one. It was also around that time that the novel coronavirus was starting to gain traction. Indeed, today, the WHO has formally announced that…… Continue reading 2020

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