I love sports! Post-ESPYs 2010 thoughts

Just wanted to post a shout-out.

I just finished watching the ESPYs (Or atleast, what’s available online – 7 parts in youtube) and I’m so amped! I just love the high that is sports! The “Best Moment” clip seriously made me tear up. Though i haven’t been following Drew Brees’s career, I’m sold. He’s seriously one great guy. He reminds me a lot about my favorite football player of all time – First Things First, Kurt Warner. There is a humility in them that is so rare in this day and age, and I wish we’d have more of these breed of sportsmen.

Kurt Warner couldn’t have said it better in his Facebook post today:

Watching Drew Brees on 2nite show, makes me content in my dec 2 retire, bec with him the NFL is in Great hands!

The other high for tonight’s show? George Karl being given the Jimmy V. Comeback Award.

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Man, kudos to him. I cannot imagine having an ordeal of dealing with cancer AGAIN, yet fighting back, and deciding to return to his passion–coaching. My prayers are with him as he continues the fight for his life. Here are some excerpts from his speech (found here):

I’ve got through five months of treatment and I’m coming back, and I hope I can come back like Jimmy V came back, and even stronger. The word perseverance – there are a lot of great athletes out here who have to overcome injuries, overcome a tough year or a bad loss. I’ve sat in treatment rooms for about 40 days. The perseverance of some of the cancer patients that I’ve had the honor to befriend – it was incredible. I was not the strongest man in that room on many a days. I was not the toughest man on many days. There are many cancer survivors and patients that are intensely committed to defeating this nasty disease, as I am. There are many thousands of people who taught me that at one time, I thought I was a tough S.O.B., but there are a lot of tough S.O.B.’s out there, fighting this nasty disease that Jimmy Valvano, 17-18 years ago, brought to our attention.

Well, there it is. Just some thoughts I had to write down. Good night everyone.


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