Jesse Robredo, one of the few good men


I never met Sec. Jesse Robredo, unlike my twin sister who had the privilege of working with him while she was still with Synergeia. I would have loved to meet him. People have nothing but nice things to say about him. And I believe all of them. I believe them when they said, he is truly one of the Philippines’ few good men.

You’d have to be a Filipino living in the Philippines to understand why we hold Sec. Robredo to such high esteem. He is a rarity. He is from an exceptional breed of rare politicians – one who actually has integrity and the credibility to lead us. For a people fed up and calloused from trapos (traditional politician) and the very worst of politics, selfish and greedy politicians who robbed the Filipinos not only money but our future and national pride, Sec. Robredo represented a light in the dark; he represented HOPE, that there are still politicians who truly want our country to rise from the darkness of poverty and corruption; that there are still politicians who live for the Filipino people.

And now, it seems, the few good men just got fewer.

Two days ago, Sec. Jesse Robredo’s plane crashed in the sea somewhere in Masbate. His aide survived and was rescued, but he and the two pilots have not been found. Search and rescue operations are still ongoing, and while we’re trying to be optimistic and positive, it becomes increasingly impossible to shake the nagging thought that hope is lost. It’s been two days since the accident. No trace of him and his party, nor any other part of the airplane except for the right wing has been found.

Photo from Mar Roxas’ official Twitter page

I’m writing this deeply saddened because I cannot escape the voice telling me deep down in my heart that he is gone. I have never hoped to be so wrong than today.

I remember his family and it makes me sad because it must be excruciating beyond words to not know where he is, to wake up everyday trying to cling on to hope and a miracle. I also remember the families of the two pilots, who are enduring the same thing. I cannot make sense of why this happened, in the same way many other people cannot of the tragedies that befell them. So I will not. Today, instead, I life them up in prayer. Today, I remember  Sec. Jesse Robredo, a hero and a true Filipino.

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  1. Sec. Robredo, you have left a hole in all of our hearts. It’s been such a long time since Filipinos were actually hopeful, and you are one of the reasons. And now, you are gone. I mourn for our country. You brought us hope.

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